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Stop Thinking Small and GROW Your Consulting Practice.

IMX WEBINARS: CONSULTANT SERIES Brian Arzani and Jay Niblick discuss how to stop thinking small and do what it takes to kick your consulting practice to the next level of success.

Jay Niblick

Jay Niblick - Founder & CEO Innermetrix International

Bryan Arzani

Bryan Arzani - President Innermetrix North America

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Small Thinking Kills More Consultants Dreams Than Thinking Big Ever Did! We'll Show You 8 Non-intuitive Steps to Take (and QUICK Ways To Fix These Issues Immediately)

  • Thinking Small Profits: If you (and your clients) are still assessing your worth by the hour, we show you how to double your value, and your bank account, literally overnight. 
  • Problem, Cause, Solution: Consultants who follow our PCS method create an instant opportunity to charge greater fees for thier consulting services. 
  • Results Oriented Mindset: Turn 6 and 12 month consulting contracts into 24 and 36 month contracts based on results not pre-packaged consulting offers.
  • Build Up Your Consultants Toolbag: We show you the exponential value behind having more solutions in your consulting arsenal than your competition. Our professional assessments are just the tip of the spear to your profitable success.
  • CIC Advanced Training: Big thinking requires BIG training. This includes; How to Hire and Retain Better Employees, Emerging Leader Identification, Create engaging Workplace Culture. - This is real world training and not theory.
  • Big Success From Small Business: Creating BIG success doesn't mean finding companies with 100-1000+ employees (more power to you if you do!). Plenty of our consultants make BIG profits from 50 employee companies.
  • You Are More Than Just A Trainer: Our Certified Innermetrix Business Consultants have the highest retention rates in the business (97%). We are more than educators. Our CIC members improve their clients condition by creating accountability, and measurable goal-based results that create BIG success for the consultant and their clients.

If you’re experiencing any of these problems in your consulting business, then this live training is for you.

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Also, this is a live virtual online event. You only have one chance to join us LIVE.